A moment captured

I came upon this young couple at a local cafe on West Broadway early one morning. They were the only two in there when I first walked in. They were so quiet, but they seemed to be sharing a special moment of some kind. I noticed how they were sitting very close together in the window light and I thought they might make good subjects for a portrait taken from outside, through the glass.

I asked them if they would mind me taking their photo from outside through the glass. They were slightly surprised to be asked I guess, but just kind of shrugged and said sure. I gave them my card and said that if they'd like to get in touch, I'd be happy to send them the photo. They didn't seem very interested in my card or my offer. I took my coffee and made my way outside. It was raining lightly and I had a coffee in one hand and the camera in the other, so I only made a few quick captures through the glass. It's interesting how people look so different when they know they're being photographed, compared to when they don't know. Anyway, I made a few exposures, waved and went on my way. 

Within an hour or two, they had emailed me asking if I could please send the photos. It turns out that they were sharing an important moment that morning in the cafe and they were pleased that I had serendipitously (and unwittingly) recorded it for them. There were two or three images that I was pleased with and I sent them along.

They didn't tell me what that special moment was, so that will remain their secret.