My very first camera!

OK, it's about 40 years old now but this Kodak 110 is my first camera. 

We were going to be going on vacation as I recall. I was about 10 years old at the time. And my parents decided to buy my brother Lee and me each a camera. My youngest brother Dale was about three at the time, so a little too young for a camera. Anyway, the Kodak 110 appeared. 

I took photos on vacation and also took it on our family trip to England in 1977. Oh my God 1977! Simple and easy to use. Fit's in your pocket. Kinda looks like a spy camera. All great things when you're ten.

I outgrew it of course and moved on to bigger and better cameras. But I didn't get rid of it for some strange reason, and it's been moving around with me these 40 years from place to place in a box along with old photos and negatives. That is until I discovered that there's Lomo film for 110.

So the 110 is back in action! I'll post some results once the first film is back from the lab. Shooting colour neg. 200x24. 

UPDATE - April 8, 2017
Well it took about six months but I finally finished the roll and processed it. Results from the first roll to go through my old 110 in 35 years! Lo-Fi to say the least!