The 'Electro-grain' 400... no not really

First roll from the Yashica Electro GSN processed and a few images posted here. I metered and exposed all the shots using the Electro's in-camera functions (that's pretty much all you can do!). I processed the expired TMax 400 at home using Blazenol 1:25 for 6:30. 

I'm a little underwhelmed with this first roll, but in hindsight this wasn't much of a test. The TMax 400 is way too grainy to really test for focus or sharpness. Having said that, if you compare this TMax 400 from the Yashica to the Tmax 400 shot in the Canon L1 with 50mm F1.4, the roll from the Canon is sharper. At least it looks that way to me. Also for this roll in the Yashica, I used the one of the conversion lenses (the wide angle one) that came with it for a lot of the shots and I think this interfered with focus and sharpness. 

A few of my observations:

  • Exposure good or close enough on pretty well all the shots.

  • Love the way the Electro exposes the film a little inside the usual frame size so that my scanner picks up right to the edge of the exposed frame!

  • The wide angle conversion lens doesn't widen the angle of view much, and it throws off the focus and exposure slightly so I won't bother with it in future. Just take one step back!

  • I'll go with ISO 50 or 100 film with this camera from now on. With an F1.7 lens, you don't need anything higher for daytime shooting. 

I like shooting with the Electro. It's an easy camera to shoot because out in bright daylight you can basically zone focus and "zone aperture" and let the camera set the shutter speed. The conversion lenses will stay at home. 

For everything you ever wanted to know about the Yashica Electro and to get a nifty battery adapter to make it work, check out

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