A moment captured by Rennie Brown

I came upon this young couple at a local cafe on West Broadway early one morning. They were the only two in there when I first walked in. They were so quiet, but they seemed to be sharing a special moment of some kind. I noticed how they were sitting very close together in the window light and I thought they might make good subjects for a portrait taken from outside, through the glass.

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My very first camera! by Rennie Brown

We were going to be going on vacation as I recall. I was about 10 years old at the time. And my parents decided to buy my brother Lee and me each a camera. My youngest brother Dale was about three at the time, so a little too young for a camera. Anyway, the Kodak 110 appeared. 

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Yashica Electro by Rennie Brown

I'm currently running the first roll of film through my recently acquired Yashica Electro GSN. With a handy little adapter from The Yashica Guy, the electronic exposure function seems to be working. I've got a roll of TMax 400 in it, which is a bit too much ISO for bright sunny days and requires an aperture of around F16 in order for the camera to find a shutter speed that will work. It has a max. 1/500 sec.